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A Dream Come True - A "Private Hall" for Harpsichord Music
"You donft have to bother with a funeral for me, so can I have a harpsichord?"
The husband was happy to make his wifefs wish come true. This 25sqm space which used to be two Japanese-style rooms was renovated to become a "private music hall" for the clientfs ultimate dream of playing the harpsichord.
The sounds a harpsichord makes, unlike the dynamic tones of a piano, are subtle and delicate. Thus, a space to embrace this music should also be of a highly sensitive nature.
A hard cherry wood floor, reflective three-dimensional ceiling, plaster finish for the walls to control humidity - these are all some of the devices implemented to minimize the number of materials and achieve a minimalistic look.
The single beam that runs right through the jagged ceiling has existed since the house was first built, and now it has become one of the defining features of this hall.
I hope the client will be able to fulfill her dream, filling this tiny music hall with her harpsichord music and giving pleasure to her audience.